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Re: Finding the Cult

Posted: Tue Oct 22, 2019 2:27 pm
by Arlette Craven
"How can we charm a spider?" Arlette asks quietly of Fenner, "the last time we encountered such a beast there were many and one of us almost died." She looks to Kull, remembering the monster that attempted to steal away Landowe. "Grigori, do you know how to please a spider?"

Re: Finding the Cult

Posted: Tue Oct 22, 2019 3:24 pm
by Grigori Steelbrow
"I'd throw food at it but it already has a snack, and I hope we're not next on the buffet."

Re: Finding the Cult

Posted: Tue Oct 22, 2019 6:07 pm
by Arlette Craven
"We should keep backing away, friends," Arlette turns to Kull, "lower your axe, lets get back to the tunnel, it might not be able to reach us through there."

Arlette looks at the spider again, the memories of their previous encounter feeling like they happened only yesterday, "we should probably run."

Arlette grabs Fenner and attempts to pull him towards the exit in a gentle run, fearing the old man wouldn't make it on his own.

Re: Finding the Cult

Posted: Tue Oct 22, 2019 6:13 pm
by Grigori Steelbrow
"Kull, I'd do as she says. I'll cover you and join once you all are clear."

Re: Finding the Cult

Posted: Tue Oct 22, 2019 6:37 pm
by NeomerArcana
As the group backs away and starts to hurry toward the tunnel, the spider drops it's bundle to the ground and gingerly spans it's legs across the cave. Now that it's fully out of the crevice and off it's web, it's true size is apparent. It won't fit in the tunnel any longer, maybe once upon a time it could, but it's far too fat now.

It sits there motionless as you all back away. It's many eyes watch the tunnel even after you've all left.

I'll shortcut things now and say you guys go to investigate the last tunnel.

You follow the tunnel with the same precautions as previously, with Kull and Grigori at the front, the rest of you behind. It's only a short tunnel that opens up into a cavern. It appears to have been used as some sort of storeroom for the cultists. There are a couple of chests, barrels, and crates. Judging by the amount of goods stored here, it seems like the cultists planned to live here for some time without needing to seek supplies. It must have taken them some time to get these supplies up here from the castle without anyone noticing, surely a wagon would have been needed, and likely during the drier months as a wagon would have been bogged if cross country. Pack horses or a sled could've been used recently here in winter... but well, you'll likely never know.
Cult Cave.PNG
You can rummage through the supplies here and stock your food. It's all shelf-stable, travelling food, you could all take about 7 days of trail rations each. There's nothing else to find here.

I'll continue to shortcut things. With a bit of brute strength from Kull, ingenuity from Fenner, leadership from Arlette, and construction from Grigori, the party fashions a sled from the crates and barrels. It takes a bit of further effort to get the two bodies, in their wooden crates, to the cave exit. It's not well and truly night-time, so the party decides to camp the night in the cave. You keep a watch but see no sign of anyone approaching the cave during the night.

It takes the better part of the day to handle the sled back to the castle. The guards are surprised to see you pulling the sled across country and when they see what you have, the call down for help to get the bodies to the healers (thankfully these are guards you've spoken to before, so they believe you when you tell them the shortened version of your story). You're met by Klavin who reassures you that the healers will work their magiks and heal the sick.

For now; your mission is complete. The church is thankful that you've put an end to this cult and has paid you each 300gp. One of the elderly priests who visits you at your headquaters (headquaters with new reinforced doors) seems rather annoyed at you as he asks a series of probing questions. Klavin later tells you that the church, while thankful that the cult has been destroyed, is annoyed and scared by it's own impotence. A cult such as this should never have been allowed to fester, let alone thrive. It is obvious to Klavin that there are enemies of the church, in fact enemies of good people, in the ranks of the church; in the kingdom; and in positions of power.

He assures you all that your services will be called upon soon.

For now; you are all back in your headquarters. The bodies are out of your hands and being healed. You are all a little richer, and a little more knowledgable about the world. I'll let you guys do whatever you want for a little while before the next leg of your adventure begins.

Feel free to ask any clarifying questions; or anything that you may ask Klavin about the church and the people around. You may yourselves uncover the next adventure.