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Re: The morning at The Sleeping Gnome

Posted: Mon Jun 03, 2019 10:07 am
by NeomerArcana
Kull and Elec return to the building after a short while, empty handed. With all the criss-crossing of carts and wagons, it didn't take long for them to lose track of the group.

Arlette a few hand signals and you meet with the local Thieves Guild. They tell you that this whole city IS the merchants guild. Everyone here is a merchant, even the members of the theives guild are either sellers of locks and equipment. They tell you that the real powers behind Kalindar are, and always have been, the merchants, and that the king is really just a front. However, it appears that the king has grown tired of this arrangement and has levied taxes on merchants that he shouldn't have. As a result, the merchants guild are trying to cripple the kingdom economically (which is a force far greater than violence they assure you), but interally among the merchants there is growing discontent that they are being financially penalised when the guild could easily accept the new taxes and return to business as usual.

This man Arnen is a known merchant, somewhat high in the guild. The tribunal would definitely have sided with him for two reasons. One, he is of the guild, and you're not. Two; he is right, at least according to the law the merchants apply to themselves. A transaction was agreed, even if it was living people. Slavery is illegal in The Three Kingdoms, but that doesn't mean it need apply to the merchants; at least that's how the merchants guild see's it, they are their own law.

As he is quite high in the guild, no one except other key memebrs of the guild would know how high, he is very wealthy. The men he was with are his own private little army.

As for what he is doing with those bodies, the theives guild knows nothing of it. Which is surprising, as they usually consider themselves aware of the major deals and transactions taking place. Which is due to some members of the Merchants guild paying respect to the Thieves Guild so that all may profit, or so that a merchants rival may have his goods stolen before a major transaction.

There's no need for you to gather information around town, the theives guild gave you what you needed.

Re: The morning at The Sleeping Gnome

Posted: Mon Jun 03, 2019 10:10 am
by Hilda Hearthstone
I will take Hragg and we will visit all the temples in town to find out information about Hextor, and his workshippers. We will start with the temple of Pelor if there is one in Lavender, because that's the clergy our letters are directed to. After that, we will visit other temples.

Arlette, perhaps you could try and find the location of a temple of Hextor? DM I assume that no one would openly worship an evil god, so gather information could find the location of a temple?

Re: The morning at The Sleeping Gnome

Posted: Mon Jun 03, 2019 10:57 pm
by Hragg
Hragg follows along with Hilda. He feels uncomfortable around human clerics, and also uncomfortable in the presence of the lovely dwarven cleric. To combat this, he is vigilant and looks aggressive as they walk through the town. His hand rarely leaving the handle of his axe and his eyes darting at any movement. "I'll let you do the speaking. I do not help myself when talking."

Re: The morning at The Sleeping Gnome

Posted: Tue Jun 04, 2019 7:47 am
by Arlette Craven
"Good idea, Hilda, I'll try to find out where they go"

Arlette will try to find where they worship Hextor.
DM can she ask the guild that information or is it a gather information check? Check below in case necessary

Gather information check

Re: The morning at The Sleeping Gnome

Posted: Wed Jun 19, 2019 12:33 pm
by NeomerArcana
Arlette, you're unable to find any info on where a temple to Hextor may be located.

Hilda and Hragg you visit as many temples as you can but you find no additional information.

In the late afternoon, once everyone is back at your little building, there is a loud and insistent knock at the door. "HELLO! Open the door! Hello! I must speak with you! It is about Landowe!"