Update Monday AM AEST + New Posting Requirements

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Update Monday AM AEST + New Posting Requirements

Post by NeomerArcana » Tue Apr 23, 2019 11:25 am

Hi all, I'm going to move things along tomorrow morning.

From now on I'm going to ask everyone to post something at least twice a day. Both of these posts will need to be substantial, if your character isn't doing anything, then write about them not doing. Additional posts outside of these two would obviously be good.

Let me know if you can't post this often.

Feel free to provide, via a reply to this post, how you would prefer I control your character if ever needed. I.e., keep them out of melee, always try to flank etc. I will control them and use them to their best ability for a given situation, but if I don't know you're holding onto your turn-undead for later, or keeping that spell, then I don't know. Keep the list of things you don't want me to do updated in this thread (edit the existing post if you have one). Anything you declare in here I will use as guidance if needed; guidance is key here, if it looks like someone needs you to cast that spell, I will, even if you said otherwise (unless common sense dictates otherwise, for example you said you're saving it for the captive boys).

I will update this thread for each new deadline, so it will always be a board-wide announcement.

It may come to pass that some people post their actions, and they happen to be the first in initiative order. When this happens, and if I have time, I will post a resolution up to the next persons move. For example, right now the combat order is Hragg, Kull, Hilda, Zombies, Arlette, Elec. If Hragg and Kull both provide posts before the deadline, I will provide resolution up to Hilda. Then at the deadline, resolution will continue back to Hragg again.
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Re: Next Resolution - 7pm 24/4 (AEST/UTC+10)

Post by Hragg » Tue Apr 23, 2019 10:34 pm

Hragg is naturally aggressive, as is his god. He prefers to enter melee, using shield of faith and protection from evil if he feels out-powered. He will use enlarge person on Kull if given the chance (and Kull's permission). He will use cure light wounds during melee (sacrificing first protection from evil and then shield of faith) should his health or that of a party member in his sight become dire (under 3 hit points). Otherwise, he will see to the wounded after battle whenever possible.
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Re: Next Resolution - 7pm 24/4 (AEST/UTC+10)

Post by Kull » Wed Apr 24, 2019 3:51 am

Kull is not a coward but is not so dumb to charge head first into a unkown enemy. Also i would try to stay between the enemy and weaker team mates if nessesary grapple them or do another unessesary acction involving my unnatural strength. but if the table turn to much against me i would most likley retreat since my life is not worth 100 gold (currently) and yet Kull does not care so much about the other party members that he would risk his life.
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Re: Next Resolution - 7pm 24/4 (AEST/UTC+10)

Post by Hilda Hearthstone » Wed Apr 24, 2019 7:06 am

Hilda Hearthstone is not a person that would rush into battle. She's no pushover either. Hilda is a definite "stand their ground" kind of person. Also, instead of using turn/rebuke, she will sacrifice to use her Feat Divine Spell Power before she casts any divine spell, whenever possible. She is defensive and will use her ability to drop a spell to cast Cure Light Wounds, if needed over attacking. Hilda won't leave a defensive post/target if assigned one, even if it meant to go heal an Ally; her sense of duty is strong.
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