Ground Rules

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Ground Rules

Post by NeomerArcana » Wed Apr 17, 2019 1:10 pm

Some quick, straight-forward ground rules to ensure that the game runs smoothly.

Stay in character in the In Character forums
Seems pretty obvious. Generally, if we're not in an encounter (i.e. there are no dice rolls or actions about to happen), you can just write what your character does. For example (you wouldn't write it in quotes):
Kurgen joins in and sings the lyrics he half remembers from the bards song.
Include as much info as likely to be needed
Other times you are doing some sort of action:
Kurgen quietly walks up the stairs and listens for sounds against the door:
Move Silently: insert your dice roll
Listen: insert your dice roll
Other times, especially in battle, you might have some sort of conditional things:
Kurgen roars a blood curdling warcry and rushes into the fray.
If the goblin at E6 is within range of Kurgen, he will move into range and attack
Otherwise Kurgen will close the distance in a straight line and attack anything in range
Attack roll: insert the dice
Damage if hit: insert your damage roll
Add notes for myself or other players where needed
Sometimes you want to discuss some tactics with other players. When doing this try to do it in character. For example:
Kurgen motions for her thief-friend to circle around the back...
Sometimes you might need to be a little more obvious, or you might need to message me something:
Kurgen will run across the log to get past the river.

DM, I am not sure if I need to roll a skill check here or not?
When you do this, I will most likely edit your post with my response, unless I am making a response anyway.

Do not assume results or actions of others
What I mean by this, is that you don't get to say how the NPCs in the town react to Kurgen (your character) entering the town hall and interrupting the meeting. For example, you cannot say:
The townsfolk quiver in fear
You cannot do this especially for NPCs and double-especially not for other players.
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