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Regrouping in Southport

Posted: Fri Mar 20, 2020 7:56 pm
by NeomerArcana
You all meet back at the Green Skipper to go over what you've found.

Re: Regrouping in Southport

Posted: Fri Mar 20, 2020 7:58 pm
by Arlette Craven
Arlette returns to the Green Skipper with Janice and Selinder, carrying the map into the swap Selinder drew but also having her there to explain things in detail to the others about what may be waiting in the swamps for them.

Re: Regrouping in Southport

Posted: Sun Mar 22, 2020 12:52 pm
by NeomerArcana
Okay everyone, you meet back and exchange information:

Grigori and Kai report:
  • The orphange is run by Mother Sceris, they are scared, they've reported seeing "the dark one" around.
  • They've offered for you to stay there
  • She is the direct child of the couple from the legend
  • Her parents considered all the children at the orphanage their children, she really emphasised this
  • Their church appears to respect all religions. Kai you especially note that this is unusual
Arlette and Janice report:
  • They found the tracker
  • She says that there is a "tainted" area of the swamp that is growing
  • There is a creature in the swamp that she tracked but never saw
  • She's left but will return in a year
  • She's provided a pretty good map to the swamp and the tainted area
Ludo and Kull report:
  • There's rumors everywhere, perhaps it's a disease, a curse, from the swamp, or from a ship
  • They have found that if they bring a captain 12 or so sailors, they'll be given "thundersticks"
  • It seems to take a couple weeks for symptons to appear
  • They've heard additional rumors that you cannot leave the town...
With everyone aware of everything, it's now after lunch. There's a few hours of daylight left. You can either stay here, or stay at the orphanage; or you could test the theory about being unable to leave town etc. The swamp and the tainted area is probably about 3 hours trek through the swamp, so if you tried to go there now, it would get dark about the time you go there.

Re: Regrouping in Southport

Posted: Sun Mar 22, 2020 1:20 pm
by Arlette Craven
"It's too late to head to the swamp, if we do decide to go there we must be well prepared and I don't want to be going at night when things may be at their strongest."

"Grigori, do you think we would be safer here or at the orphanage?"

"Thundersticks, huh Ludo? Sounds like something pretty useful for someone pretty useless" Arlette laughs heartily at her joke, patting Ludo on the shoulder before continuing, "no my friend, that is a good prize indeed, I will happily help you find men to ensure you keep your prize." She is pleased Ludo has such an impressive weapon to help them fight whatever they may be facing, she's grown quite fond of him and his music and stories.

Re: Regrouping in Southport

Posted: Wed Mar 25, 2020 12:05 am
by Kull
"I would say we can stay at the orphanage and rest there for the night. Maybe this dark man will appear again and we can ask him some questions. If we go into the swamp next day i think we should prepare ourselves for it as much as we can. I dont want to end like one of those prisoners."

Re: Regrouping in Southport

Posted: Wed Mar 25, 2020 1:00 pm
by Ludo Fritzwick
Ludo laughs at Arlette's joke, "Oh but imagine, with a thunderstick like that, who'd need the little rogue to inspire songs, when we'd have the real hero, the bard! to tell tales of!"

He pulls out his fiddle and winks at her, "Only kidding of course, this group of merry heroes? I'll tell tales of forever!"
Ludo has grown quite fond of this little group he finds himself with, from it's bizarre beginnings, to where they find themselves now. Each bringing different skills to the table, and each making their own unique ways.

As he plays a few note, Ludo moves into an improvised song -

"And this is the tale of The Sword of Pelor,
The Brave who were tasked with the fight on death's door!
But just who are these amazing men?
Well their tale begins in a little old inn,
And with a drink in hand, they did save our King.

The tempo of his playing suddenly picks up,

The ever graceful Arlette,
With her around, you need not fear any threat.
For who could match her speed with her knives?
And still her smile can bring joy to our lives.

And never was their a man quite like our Kull.
Saviour of his friends, stronger than a bull.
And if push comes to shove..."

He suddenly stops playing, smiles, and says casually, "Well, you don't want to know what happens then."

And then continuing from the last note he played, he returns to the tune, though back at a slower tempo.

"And who can forget the devout that is Kai?
Courageous and holy, all evil will cry.
And whilst he may not yet, be able to handle his drink,
He has evil gone, with nothing more than a blink.

And now our song comes to Grigori the stout,
The dwarf you must know about,
Mighty and fearless, braver than Ajax,
Fear him, oh fools, for he brings his mighty axe.

Ludo continues to play for a moment, before rounding it all off, and then ending with a smile and a laugh. "It still needs some work, but, you know, it's all good fun."

After a moment, he does get serious again and addresses Kull's question, "If we have to go to the orphanage, I'll go. I'm sure this Mother Sceris, will have a few stories to tell, if she's been around as long as you say. But, the idea of staying in an orphanage gives me the creeps. I'd much rather stay here with a drink in hand!"


ooc: Just adding this after seeing that roll, I am so happy that this is the performance piece that gets the nat 20. If I'd gotten a low roll after that, I'd have cried. Also, that piece does sound better to the tune I thought up, but, thats hard to convey ahaha, so, good luck

Re: Regrouping in Southport

Posted: Wed Mar 25, 2020 6:36 pm
by NeomerArcana
You all, and the few other patrons in the inn, have quite possibly not heard a better performance. People's hearts have been lifted having heard this, and their merriment will travel home with them and infect all they meet for a day or so.

Re: Regrouping in Southport

Posted: Fri Mar 27, 2020 10:18 pm
by Grigori Steelbrow
Grigori is noticeably impressed by Ludo's performance and gives brief applause before acknowledging the decision at hand, "Well, I say we put it to a vote whether we stay here or at the orphanage. All in favor of staying in the orphanage say 'aye' or raise a hand." Grigori then raises his right hand and surveys the others, looking and listening for their responses.

He also continues with a short, welcoming gesture towards the bandits,"I'll be generous this time and offer each of you a vote on the matter; just don't make me regret granting you this kindness."

Re: Regrouping in Southport

Posted: Sun Mar 29, 2020 8:00 am
by Kull
Kull starts to applaud and cheer as loud as he can as he is completly amazed by his performance. "A tripple hurray to the gnome with a magic talent for music. Loud the next round we will drink is on me." Kull sits back down and waits for the rest of the party to share their expirences. As he hears Grigory talking to the prisoners he turns towards them."Since you owe us it would be best if we could make a good use of you guys. Does any of you have something he is decent at or some knowledge which could helps us. I promise it wont affect you negative if you tell us."

Re: Regrouping in Southport

Posted: Mon Mar 30, 2020 3:37 pm
by Arlette Craven
Arlette overcome with emotion and happiness picks up Ludo kisses his cheek and hugs him hard, like you do with that pet kitten your parents finally gave you and you were so excited to get it. "That was amazing!"

After a while she returns her thoughts to their focus, "take a drink for the road, Ludo, we have a job to do and if we can learn more and protect the children for a night or two, I think we should stay there." Arlette will see the barkeep to organise some extra food to share with those at the orphanage, focusing on more than enough for the children with no worry as to cost.